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Audio Match Up with Movie during N-back task

OS: Win10
PsychoPy version: 3.0.5
Standard Standalone: Yes

In the Builder view, I am trying to have a movie play at the same time as a n-back task is occurring. As the fixation cross appears and the letters change, I would like the movie to play continuously.

I have made the movie constant and the duration for 2.5 seconds. This has allowed the movie to play continuously without interruption as the letters change.

However, the audio of the movie does not match with the movie. Although the movie plays continuously, the audio seems to replay every 2.5 seconds. I have tried to change the settings of the movie such as the duration from 2.5 to blank and change it from constant to set every repeat. The changes have either made PsychoPy crash due to memory error or the movie and audio will keep playing but the letters will not change. After the first letter and fixation cross appear, the movie will keep playing but no other letters or crosses will appear on the screen and I am unable to close the experiment.

If there is anyone who could advise me on how to change the settings of the movie component so that the audio and movie will match up so that they will both play continuously, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you.