Audio is not audible after the first sound file

Hi everyone,
I’m trying to set up my first online experiment but I ran into a problem.
I’m using wav audio files to play short sentences and it works perfectly well locally, but only the first audio is audible when I pilot the experiment online.
I checked, and all audio files are uploaded properly, and I can see from the data that when I press a button to react to what I “heard” it is registered and the experiment moves on to the next audio file, then to the next…
So basically it looks like the experiment is working but I can only hear the first sentence, then the rest is not audible but the experiment is running.
I made the experiment in the builder and I tried to change the audio library and latency priority but it did not help.
Any idea how I could fix it?
Thank you in advance

Try adding a start time of 0.5 seconds to the audio component or ensuring that it loads during a static component in an earlier routine.

I added the 0.5 second start time and it works now. Thanks!