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Audio files presented in mono (but are needed in stereo) within online experiment

URL of experiment (still a pilot link):

Description of the problem:

Hi guys,

I have prepared an audio task online (the so-called Dichotic Listening Paradigm) where a stimuli consists of two separate syllables that are presented at the same time. The stimuli are programmed to be stereo and in the offline experiment in PsychoPy they are presented that way, meaning that if you only listen to it with one ear, you can just hear one syllable. However, when piloting the study online, I have heard that stimuli are played as mono, meaning they are being presented on both ears at the same time, with only a slightly louder level on a specific ear. This is very contraproductive to what I am aiming for. Does anyone of you have any idea on how to make sure that the stimuli are played as stereo stimuli? (I have them in a .wav format).

Any help is much appreciated!

Hi Karin,

This might be a browser-specific issue. Generally, Chrome gives good results (just checked in on Windows 10). Could you ask participants to try that browser?

This is the experiment I used to test stereo sound: demo_stereo_sound [PsychoPy]

Best, Thomas

Hi Thomas,

thanks for your quick feedback. Unfortunately, I’ve tried both Chrome and Firefox now, Stimuli are still being presented in mono and not in stereo. Do you have any other idea?

Thanks for your help!!

Hey again!

How about my demo? Do you hear that one in stereo?

No, your demo was also in mono, meaning being presented on both ears at the same time!

That’s weird, because I get it in stereo: higher pitch in one ear than the other. What OS and browser are you using?

I’m confused as well. I am working on Windows 10 and tried to do so using both Fireforx and Chrome!

I feel like I’m missing out on giving you a key information here, but I really don’t know what. I’ll explore more and get back to you if I have news. Thanks, any way, for your help!!!

You’re welcome; hope you’ll find out what’s up. To make testing easier I made a little update to the stereo demo I linked to earlier: this version has me saying “left ear” in the left channel followed by “right ear” in the right channel.