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Audio files latency on Pavlovia

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Description of the problem:
I’m building an experiment that contains a routine with a sound component. In Pavlovia, in some (many, actually) of the trials, the audio begins only after a few seconds, and stops according its original length, such that the audio is cut in the middle.
Also, sometimes when I pilot the study online, after about 2/3 of the trials the study crashes. I searched the forum for this issue but couldn’t find a similar example, except for an example from the builder which was solved by altering the sounddevice backend. I tried going that way, but it seems it is not relevant anymore.

Any ideas what could cause these issues?


OK, now the experiment doesn’t crash in the midst of the loop, but still - many of the audio files begin a few seconds late and get cut before they end.
This is very crucial to my study since participants responses should be according to the last pare of the audio.
Does it have something to do with the audio library I’m using, or something like that? In Preferences, I set Audio Latency Priority to be “4: Latency critical” and the audio library to be “use preferences”.

I would really appreciate any help.