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Audio file cut off after 2 seconds



I have an experiment that presents three images sequentially plus an audio file, all of them taken from an excel file loop.

The first image and the sound file start at the same time, but when the second file is introduced, the sound file is suddenly cut off.

I’ve tried simplifying the routine to include only the sound file, and it is still cut off after 2 seconds (no duration is set in the experiment).

This does not happen when the sound file is played directly in the experiment (not through and excel routine).

I am running Psychopy 3 on Windows 10
Any ideas? Thanks


Hi @Jose_Camacho, I am not clear what you are doing in your experiment. Would you be able to upload a minimal working example with the error?


Hi @dvbridges, thanks. I’ve uploaded the samples here:

I’ve noticed that the length of the first audio file under the “audio” column in the excel is what determines the length of the rest of the audio file, so that “generic.wav” is 3 seconds long, and the rest will play up to 3 seconds but no longer


Great, thanks. Can you please two audio files as an example, one short and one long?


Done (same link as above). Thanks