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AttribureError: 'LP_GLFWwindow' object has no attribute 'set_mouse_visible'

Hello everyone,

I’m pretty new in coding but I have some experience in the builder. I made the whole experiment on my personal laptop, and it works fine on it (visual searching experiment - participants have to mark certain polygons). The problem occurs when I transfer and run the experiment files on other laptops (the error in the screenshot of output).

I think there is a problem with the mouse component (on other laptops) because the problem vanishes when the component is deleted (also the checked box ‘Show mouse’ in experiment settings does not help). For example the same problem also occurs in the visual searching experiment from the psychopy book when the experiment files are transferred to other laptops.

If someone can help me I would be grateful!


What version of PsychoPy are you using? I found this previous thread which might help.

Best wishes


Thank you for your replying, but I have found the solution. The solution to my problem is:

Go to file -> preferences -> window type -> set pyglet (on my version the ‘glfw’ was by default), and voula!