Assigning participant numbers uniquely to different subjects

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We have been using @wakecarter excellent service which assigns the ids based on who clicks the link (it increments with each click).

We have 22 sets of conditions (combinations of two parameters) that are read out from a csv file. The next participant id gets the next condition.

Ideally every 22 subjects would complete all sets.

But because participants click and then dont finish the experiment we don’t end up getting every 22 participants completing 22 conditions.

Does anyone have any creative solutions for how to solve this problem? another way of assigning ids - but only if the participant is past the instructions?

thanks so much in advance

My VESPR Study Portal addresses this by having a debrief after data has been saved to confirm completion. Registration (£10 per year) is required for this feature.

very cool! just to clarify- ids will only be assigned (and updated+1) if they complete the study? otherwise it remains the same id

The value for participant updates regardless. If you have the registered version then you use the value assigned to group. If a participant fails to reach the debrief within a given time, their group assignment is released and can be reassigned.