Annoying Coder editor warning messages


when editing a file with the Coder, I get annoying warning messages.

Every time I save the file I get the message:

File appears to have been modified outside of PsychoPy:
OK to overwrite?

From time to time I also get the message:

‘’ was modified outside of PsychoPy:
Reload (without saving)?

This messages are nonsense, because the file was not changed outside
of PsychoPy.

Is there a way to turn off this stupid behavior of the editor?

My system: Ubuntu 18.04, PsychoPy 2020.2.2


Ah, I thought we’d fixed this… The problem before was that it was finding files in PsychoPy’s path with the same name but in a different folder, noticing their contents were different than the open file and then assuming it was the same file but altered.

We fixed it so that it checks the full path of the file, not just the file name, but it may be that this solution is only working on Windows/Mac. I’ll look into it and hopefully put a fix in place for the next release!

Hey there. Its still there. FYI.

Please could you confirm what version of PsychoPy you are using?

v2022.2.4. in Mac. I gave up on that combination though. Just moved to Windows and the problems I was having are not an issue there.