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Analog scale/slider won't work without a separate monitor

Hello everyone. I’m new to Psychopy, so prepare for a potentially basic question. I’m trying to set up an analog scale and it works only when an additional monitor is plugged in my Mac. When it is not, the interface won’t react to mouse clicks. Here’s the code for the scale:

from psychopy import visual
win = visual.Window()
probe_confidence = visual.RatingScale(win, 
    labels=['Not at all confident', 'Extremely confident'],   # End points
    scale=None,  # Suppress default
    low=1, high=100, tickHeight=0)

# Show scale
while scale.noResponse:

# Show response
print(scale.getRating(), scale.getRT())

Your code seems fine, but generally I’d advise using a Slider :slider: instead of RatingScale - Slider has all of the same functionality but is actively maintained so works much better.

Yeah I have another version involving a slider, but the problem persists. I still need a second screen to make it work.