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Anaconda Navigator

Hi, I just installed the latest version of Anaconda, which wants you to run things through the Navigator App. I’d like to run Spyder from Navigator, and then have Spyder be able to import psychopy. I have already installed the standalone version of Psychopy, but am willing to reinstall from Anaconda if it make things easier.

So, what is the best way to get psychopy to run in Spyder if I am using the Navigator App. Has anyone solve this?


Steve Engel

  • Keep the stand-alone app: it will help with testing whether any issues that arise are due to PsychoPy itself, or your installation under Anaconda.
  • Follow the instructions here to install PsychoPy and its dependencies under your Anaconda Python:
  • As the instructions say, it is a good idea to create an environment specifically to install PsychoPy in. Keep another environment for non-PsychoPy tasks. That way they don’t interfere with each other if you need to clear one out and update/reinstall packages in it.
  • Running PsychoPy scripts from within Spyder can be convenient during development. But be aware that if you are testing carefully, or certainly using the script in an experiment, you probably don’t want that extra layer (eg the debugger could cause performance issues). In those cases, run your script from the command line (to use your Anaconda installation), or from within the Coder window of the standalone app.