Allowing participants to check multiple checkboxes

Hi everyone

For my experiment, the updating task, participants are presented with a 4-by-4 grid. They need to select multiple boxes from the grid. When they select a box, it needs to turn green. Participants are also allowed to change their response (uncheck the box by clicking on it).

Until now, it is possible to select and unselect a box. But when I want to select another additional box, the other one turns white again. Which is not supposed to happen.

Can someone help me?
In the attachment, you can find some prints of the experiment and my code.

@MarieVdm I have a demo attached that allows you to select multiple boxes in a grid, take a look at the code components…

simpleGrid.psyexp (14.5 KB)

@dvbridges Thank you for your reply. But I seem not to find the right demo that you are suggesting to me. Also, when opening your experiment (simpleGrid), I cannot run it and I don’t see any code.

@MarieVdm , what happens when you run the task? Do you get an error?

@dvbridges Yes, I get an error. Thank you for helping me out!

Ok, I think we have different versions of PsychoPy - I am using 2020.2.1. Try deleting the text component and running again.

@dvbridges I installed the new version of PsychoPy and it is working now! Thank you so much! I will look at the code right away!

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