Aligning & Onset/Offset times on serial recall task

Description of the problem:
Hi everyone,
I’m working on this experiment on PsychoPy’s builders view in which participants must study a list of words and later recall them when prompted to do so.
The design of the experiment is fully complete except 2 points during recall in which I hope to resolve in this topic ( at this stage, I’m only working on psychoJS code):
1- Setting text alignment:
I’m hoping to have the text type from the left to the right of the screen. Currently, the text appears at the centre of the screen and as the participant types more letters, it spreads side ways.
I am aware that this issue could be resolved using “xyz.setAlignHoriz(‘left’)” code in the begin routine section; however, whenever I try it doesn’t seem to work on Pavlovia. Thus, I was wondering if anyone knows of any fix to have the recalled words type from (fairly) left of the screen to the right rather than starting in the centre and spreading side ways.
2- Onset/Offset times:
Although one of the options of the text component in builder’s view is to save onset/offset times, my log files only show one time component (which I assume to be the offset time). However, I’m looking to get both onset time (the moment the particpant presses the first key to complete a word in that screen) and the offset time (when they press the last key to complete the word). I have tried using “xyz.tstart” and “xyz.started/stopped” but my log files produce 3 empty columns. Could anybody guide me on properly storing onset/offset times of every word recalled?