Adding questions to an experiment

Hi everyone!

I am currently coding an experiment for my masters thesis and have gotten into some trouble.

During my experiment, (in Pyschopy; python), I want to ask my participants some questions. I present an ambiguous sound and afterwards I want to ask if they recognized this sound and let them have a box where they can write their answer with the keyboard. I also want to ask another question of how certain they are, where they need to select an option.
A previous written code I have got from someone uses the gui.DlgFromDict function, but this seems to crash my computer. I also read about the form component, but since this is a beta I prefer to use something else.

If anybody has an idea or can help me, please feel free to!

Thank you!

If it’s just some free text and one multiple choice you could use an editable text box and a slider.

I could be wrong but is it possible that using TextBox2 there is no way for the participants to answer the question? I would like them to be able to answer anything they want so like in a blank box

Thank you!

Have you ticked “editable”?


Oh my god sorry haha I did not, thank you so much!!

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