Adding binary noise to a Gabor from builder

I am making a orientation discrimination oddity experiment (3IFC) . In it there are 3 gabor presentations, separated by a random interval. The gabors have 12 or -12 degree tilt and for different trials I add different amount of binary noise to make the tilt hard to see.

I can make the experiment run fine with white noise, but haven’t managed to make it work with binary noise. I get the following error “ValueError: Noise sample size must result in more than 1 sample per image dimension.”

I have tried values for the noise that are 2^x and still get this error. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I need to know why no values are working. Once I figure out, I know I need to put them on an excel file and use the column name for the noise element size.

I have included screen shots of the experiment.

Thank you for your help!

I have realised the problem is that I can’t apply a Gabor filter to the binary noise.