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Adding and displaying circles is too slow


After hours of work I created an experiment but unfortunately its functioning is too slow. I would love to get help, because maybe it is possible to fix the experiment instead of reproducing it in a completely different way.

In the experiment, two stimuli in succession are presented to the subject.

The first and second stimuli are actually a number of circles (black) within a large circle (white) which are displayed one after the other. (1)

After the stimulus phase comes the response phase, where the problem is.

At this point the subject is shown a large circle (white) and is required to press the space bar continuously to add circles (black) according to different arithmetic operations (example: addition, subtraction). If the subject wants to remove circles, he should leave the space bar and press and hold again. To give a final response and save the information he must press the return key.

The problem is that the addition of the circles by the interrogee is done too slowly, the code itself is in the Each Frame tab and I would at least expect a circle to be formed every less than a second while in practice it is much slower.

When I removed necessary functions (1. preventing overlap between circles 2. and collecting the size of the circles) the experiment worked fast but not enough.

I have attached the file and I hope you can help and maybe fix the experiment.
FullCircleExp.psyexp (45.9 KB)

Thank you!