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Sometimes the mouse.pressed is not working

Short story,

I have multiple circles on the screen and the participant needs to pressed with the mouse on the good circle.

My problem is that sometimes I have to clicked many times on the circle so something happen.

I code that if the good circle is pressed then the routine end, but if he hits a wrong one, the circle becomes red. So the participant always knows if he pressed a circle.

Why sometimes its working and sometimes no… I have no clue…

trail_good.psyexp (239.2 KB)

Maybe my image is to heavy ? So it is really slow ?

size of every image: 51,185 bytes


Wow, this is a massively inefficient experiment, performance wise. You need to stop updating every single stimulus on every screen refresh. Each time you do that, it takes time to read every image file from the disk and apply it to (needlessly) update each image stimulus.

But before giving more specific information on that, you really need to understand how to use loops. There should only be three routines in this experiment: introduction, trial, and finish. There should be a loop surrounding the trial routine to give you the ten repetitions. There isn’t much point in giving much further advice until the experiment is restructured that way.