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Adding an interrupting task within a sequential task

Hi. I’m new to Psychopy, and have very limited knowledge/experience in programming of any form so have been limited in utilising the builder for my PhD experiments.

I have created a sequential task which randomly presents an image, in which participants respond to the information provided in that image (e.g., is the correct medication dose present?; C = Correct Dose, I = Incorrect Dose). Each image is considered a trial (Total = 34; 14 practice and 24 experimental). I have this running in Psychopy well, however I now need to add an interruption task. The idea is that an interruption will occur randomly after so many trials (e.g., after 3rd trial), where a video clip will be played giving the participate a if/then scenario to answer. At the end of the clip, participants will enter their answer in an answer box in psychopy (or this can be on a separate answer sheet if it makes for easier experimental building) and return back to the main task where they left off (e.g., 4th trial).

Any help would be very much appreciated, thank you.
Windows 10
Psychopy2 - v1.85.4

You need to define precisely what you mean by this.

Hi , thank you for your response and apologises for my late reply as I have been trying to fix this myself, but had no luck.

“an interruption will occur randomly after so many trials (e.g., after 3rd trial)” - This could have been explained better, sorry. At a random point within the main task, a interruption task (or secondary task) will occur which requires participants to respond to an IF/Then scenario, and this will happen 4 times during the experimental phase all of which presenting a different IF/Then scenario. Once they have completed the interruption task they resume the experimental task.

I think I need two routines as the experimental task requires presenting an image and keyboard response, whilst the interruption task plays a video and at the end of the video requires a key response. I have tried playing around with my conditions file but have had no luck at all.

I have uploaded my practice routine that may hopefully highlight where I’m going wrong (the practice follows the same routine as experimental just with less images).Interruption Exp1a.psyexp (19.1 KB)

Thank you

Hi. After playing around some more with my condition files I have managed to get this working as I would like. Thank you

Hi @willzy
I’m in a similar place now to where you were in December 2017.
Would you consider sharing an example program of the dual task psychopy, or if you have a blog post / paper describing it- please point me to it.