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Add your Psychopy experience to Pyhab so it can have habituation criteria

What are you trying to achieve?: Hi, I want to use Pyhab, I installed it but still I don’t menage to make it work. I’m blocked here.
My experiment is an Inversion task that I build in Psychopy, there is this first routine : habituation task where there is this image of a face. The baby has got to see it and I should calculate the habituation (criterion where the addition of the last three fixations should be inferior of the addition of the first three) in order to go to the next step, the Test routine.
I don’t know how to make everything, I’m pretty lost. This is the visual if I open Pyhab in the builder.

How can I make this Pyhab habituation criteria be part of my Psychopy experiment?


One for you @jonathan.kominsky ?

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It looks like you have created a block that contains the two trials you want to use for your habituation, but it is not a habituation block. I believe what you want to do is:

  1. Click “Delete trial/block” and get rid of “Block A”, you will not be needing it.
  2. Click “Add Habituation” in the top-right (the middle yellow button)
  3. Select “multi-trial block”
  4. Add Intro and Fam to the multi-trial block the same way you added them to Block A
  5. When you click “done” you will see the Habituation Settings window, which will let you configure your habituation criteria. Click “OK” when done.
  6. Add the new Habituation block to the study flow, and put the test trials after it. You only need to add the habituation block once, it will just repeat until the criteria are met automatically.

If this is unclear let me know and I can add screen-shots as well. Thank you for using PyHab!

EDIT: also, you should be sure to read the PyHab user manual, particularly the bit on “habituation” on pg. 33.

And for anyone wondering, PyHab is a sort of add-on for PsychoPy, the PsychoPy developers have zero responsibility for it. Your best bet for getting PyHab support most of the time is to email me directly at jonathan.f.kominsky at gmail.

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Thank you for tagging him !!
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Thank you very much ! I’m glad you took the time to specific each step, I will try to do it and especially focus on reading the habituation part of the manual !
I didn’t think about writing the question directly to Pyhab support, great idea. Thank you for sharing your availability

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