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About the Jobs and Consultancy category

If you need staff (e.g. postdoc), a paid consultant, or a job then this is the place for you.

If you want to hire someone

Feel free to post:

  • Job announcements for which programming in PsychoPy is a desired part of the job spec. Please don’t post job ads where PsychoPy is not part of the job spec though.
  • Paid consultancy/support requests. If you need more support than the documentation/forum can provide then you might hire a more experienced developer. For these please post brief information about what you need (e.g. Write an experiment writing from scratch? Bug-fix some existing work? Does it require any specialised expertise, like eye-tracking?…)

If you advertise a post that you have then filled, please reply to yourself with something like “Thanks this post is now closed” and tick that reply as the “solution” so that people know not to message you.

If you want work

  • start watching this category!
  • if you are interested in a consultancy job post, then private message the poster with information about how much you would charge to do the work. You might like to point out the contributions you’ve made, either here on the forum or on the github repository (i.e. provide a link to your profile), to demonstrate your competence. The poster can then decide who they wish to hire based on experience and price.

The PsychoPy team does not endorse any individual or take responsibility for their work. Nor are we responsible for arranging payments or for contract discussions. This page merely puts you in contact with each other and you can discuss terms/contracts yourselves.