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About raised cosine mask params (raisedCos)

Hi all, I’m just wondering if anyone knows what are the default params for the raised cosine mask in the GratingStim command. Actually, I want to know what is the default roll-off value (beta) of the mask.



The code is here:

with parameters described in the docs here:

Thank you for your answer! I know how to change the fringewidth now, but I still want to know what is the default if I don’t put any value… for example in my code:
mymask = visual.GratingStim(win=win,tex=numpy.ones([256, 256]) *bg_col,mask=“raisedCos”,units=“pix”,size=[580, 580])

Thank you

Sorry, I should have been explicit but it’s implied in the code above: if no value is supplied, then a default value of 0.2 is applied.

Thank you so much!