2 parallel ports to 2 TMS coils

OS: Ubuntu (Xenial)
PsychoPy version: 1.83.04
What are you trying to achieve?: Send triggers to 2 parallel ports, one at once, depending on trial type

Hello, I have two types of trials in my experiment and I am trying to set up parallel port triggers to “fire” two TMS coils.
Depending on which trial is presented, I need to send a trigger to either parallel ports, each of them connected to a different TMS coil.
Having worked in builder mode so far, I checked whether the parallel port specification field in the relevant object could be used dynamically, but that is not the case.
Therefore, I guess that I could use code snippets to check which type the current trial belong (from my stimuli spreadsheet), and send a trigger to the respective parallel port (with a 500ms from trial onset).
Any advice on the code bits that would allow me to do so? I could not find examples that really matched my current design, and I don´t have much experience with parallel ports altogether.

Hello, I want to ask whether you solved this problem?
Now I want to create a TMS experiment, but I have no experience with the program. so could you give some guideline and help me to solve my problem?
the link of my problem is How to use PsychoPy Builder to create a TMS experiment?
Thank you very much!

Hi chenglin_li, sorry for the late reply, I have been away for a while. Did you manage to build your TMS experiment or do you still need help? In the end I was able to figure out my setup and run the study.

Yes, I need your help. If you can, I hope you can send it to me through the e-mail(lichenglin105@gmail.com). Of course, if you’d like, you also through the discourse to help me.
Best wishes,