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Wrong mouse location with Psychopy 3.06 with MacOS Retina display

Jeremie, were you ever able to figure out a solution to this problem? I am having a similar issue where a program that worked perfectly on an older non retina computer is not working on my new laptop due to some issue with the mouse.getPos(). Specifically, the function mouse.isPressedIn() no longer accurately captures all clicks inside a stimulus.

Unfortunately no but as I have not been able to work on it further since my last post on the topic. Let me know if you got more luck and I’ll post back here if I found a way around. i just hope the issue will be addressed in the next release of psychopy.

This is caused by the retina display and the ongoing debate about whether we should use true pixels (just treat it as a high-res monitor) of follow Apple’s idea of converting to ‘virtual’ pixels so that things look roughly the right size. So far we’re doing the latter but that could change in the future.

Unfortunately the mouse was doing the former (using true pixels instead of virtual pixels). The fix is made at which will be in release 3.1.4

My belief is that this issue only affects retina displays and only with win.units=‘pix’. If you’ve found other cases where this is an issue then let me know.