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Wondering what this warning message means

When trying to run code I am getting this warning message:

0.6919 WARNING Monitor specification not found. Creating a temporary one.

PsychoPy needs to know things about your monitor, such as how far away it is and its physical dimensions as well as the pixel dimensions. This information is necessary if you want to display stimuli using units like cm or deg.

PsychoPy will still work without this information: the warning is just to let you know about the issue, and that you can’t trust certain stimulus information until that info is entered.

Note that once you have created and named a specification for your display, that name needs to be entered in the experiment settings in Builder or in the call to create a window in Coder. The default name is testMonitor.

Do you mean that testMonitor needs to be passed as a parameter for a particular variable when you create a PsychoPy window? Which variable do you initialize as testMonitor when you create the window?

Figured it out. You initialize the “monitor” variable when passing it as a parameter when calling the Window constructor. The reason it wasn’t working was because I had initialized the monitor variable with a string that was not the same as the name of the monitor that I had specified in the monitor center. Thanks for your help.