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Within subject delays in a predictive learning task

I’m trying to build a task where, within subjects, there will be a certain delay before feedback depending on the stimulus. As in, in a task of 100 trials, a participant would experience these combinations in random order:
A --> 1.5 sec --> Feedback
B --> 4.5 sec --> Feedback
C --> 13.5 sec --> Feedback
Unfortunately I’m not sure how to do this, I was able to change the delay throughout the whole task, but not between individual stimuli, and was wondering if anyone had some idea of how to do this.

Your delay value can probably simply be specified as a column in your conditions file. But you don’t really explain your design enough for us to give you a concrete solution.

i.e. knowing the way you currently specify your stimuli, whether the delays are always matched to the stimuli, what “in random order” means, etc, etc,

Are the stimuli A, B and C the complete set of stimuli (i.e. they are repeated roughly 33 times each per session), or are there 100 separate stimuli (A, B, C, D, E,…), i.e. one per trial? Again, we need a very precise description to do what you’re describing simply as “counterbalancing”.

i.e. at this stage, the question isn’t “how would I implement this design in PsychoPy?”, it is “what exactly is the design I want to implement?”. i.e. implementation requires complete specification. Think of the level of detail you would need to give in a methods section of a paper or thesis. And then give a bit more than that :wink: