When do I need to use a $ in builder?

I am hoping this is a simple question. Do I need to have a $ in front of every variable value that I put into the start or stop slot for a stimulus in builder? I have gotten in the habit of putting a $ in front of almost every variable for each stimulus, but I noticed that some don’t have a $ and they seem to work just fine. So, when is a $ essential?

The general rule is that if a $ isn’t needed to indicate code, there will be a $ to the left of the field.

This doesn’t work all the time.

Another way of thinking about it, which might help, is that a $ is needed if some of the non code valid values are text.

That is helpful. Thank you. Can you think of any harm to just defaulting to putting a $ in front of every variable in the builder that represents numeric information calculated by code components?

Sometimes it might not work.

N.B. Don’t put more than one $ in the same field. It.means interpret as code not this is a variable.