Ways to standardize or record volume on subjects' computers

URL of experiment: https://pavlovia.org/brandeisVisionLab/longyi_aug23

Description of the problem:
Dear all, I am planning to run an online audiovisual experiment, in which an auditory stimulus is supposed to have a masking effect on the visual stimulus.
And naturally, the louder the auditory stimulus is, the more intenser the interference effect will be.
So I was wondering is there anyway to standardize or at least record the volume of the computers the subjects use.
I don’t know much on related computer skills or JS. Any thoughts or answers are welcomed and appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi! I have the same problem. Have you found a solution to this problem yet?

So far I have stumbled upon this headphone screening test, which might be of use.

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Thanks for referring to my headphones check. There is a very simple volume check at the beginning to allow subjects to adjust the sound volume to a comfortable level by listening to audio.

However, the check and the main test don’t standardize or record sound volume. It can only tell you whether the subject is using headphones (not speakers) and it doesn’t tell you how loud the sound is. All it does is ensure that the subjects can hear properly.

I also want to find a way to know the accurate sound volume used by participants. It is, based on my knowledge, impossible to solve by tracking hardware. Due to privacy issues, the browser doesn’t provide hardware information like sound volume. Even if you get some sort of information like a number, it’s hard to standardise across devices: 30 on my mac is not equal to 30 on my PC with an external soundcard.

:bell: An update to anyone who wants to do a quick sound volume setting for each online participant!
@jlziegler @Long_Yi

We decided to solve this problem using a super simple method, which is described and validated in our new preprint: Zhao, S., Brown, C. A., Holt, L. L., & Dick, F. (2021). Robust and efficient online auditory psychophysics with the right auditory hygiene. BioRxiv.

Please try a demo here: Study

You can add this volume setting along a headphone check into your Pavlovia experiment using this website: Headphones Check - Integration with Pavlovia/PsychoJS

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Perhaps you would like to add this demo to PsychoPy Online Demos

Thank you. I have added it: PsychoPy Online Demos - #7 by sijiazhao

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