Want PsychoPy to send triggers to MEG through parallel port and record the keypress from response pad

Hi Experts!

I designed one experiment using PsychoPy3 (v3.2.4). Its running perfectly on my laptop (windows 10). I used Atom 1.58.0 to design the experiment. Now, I want to integrate it with the MEG system in our lab (306 channel Elekta Neuromag TRIUX). The system comes with STIM 2. However, I am planning to use a splitter/switch box to another CPU to run the experiment on PsychoPy. I have a couple of questions before I start. I am sure I will come across other problems while I try to implement it.

  1. How to decide to which pin/s (from 2 to 9) in the parallel port I should send the stimulus trigger? Is there any criteria that I should know about, apart from keeping the pin to high before sending the stimulus trigger. There are instances where I have to send upto 2 stimuli (cue and target) at a time. In the future I am also planning for 3 different stimuli at a time.

  2. Which function should I use to get the response keys? We have two response pads (for left and right) with one key each, which came with the MEG system.

Any comments/ suggestions/ advices are appreciated.
Thanks in advance!

PS: I am very new to this. Apologies if I have used anything (like terminologies/words) wrong here.