waitKeys casing freezing issues

This is my first time asking a question here so I hope I explain the issue I am having propperly. I have coded a task using Spyder and some psychopy functions and it is giving some issues related to the function waitKeys in some computers.

Short description of the task: The task shows 4 pictures that need to be put in order via button presses. At the end the participant has to confirm or cancel the trial and then we start a new trial.

Input: For this experiment we are using a response box that is read by the laptop as a keyboard (for example 1st button= d, 2nd button=n, 3rd button=z, 4th button = e).

Output: I am using the fucntion waitkeys in order to get the button presses.

In my own laptop (windows) I do not have any issue with this task. However in the older computer of the Lab (windows) and an older laptop (windows) that we use for stimuli in the MRI scanner, if a participant takes too long to answer (reactions times in this task can go up to 30 seconds sometimes) then the task freezes at the waitkeys event. All 3 computer/laptops have the same psychopy, spyder and python version installed.

I have seen previous posts with the same issue such as this one (event.waitKeys() causing freezing issues) but the solutions provided are not apply to the setup I have available.