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VPixx hardware support

Hi Psychopy forum,

I’m a current psychtoolbox user who’s dabbled in PsychoPy previously. After once more getting fed up with Matlab I’m planning to dip back into the PsychoPy world for future research.

My question: is there hardware support for VPixx Technologies hardware yet? It doesn’t appear on the hardware page of the API, so I’m guessing not. I asked about this some time ago on the old psychopy forum. Specifically, it would be good to be able to access the high-bitdepth / scanning backlight modes of VIEWPixx displays.

Any update or pointer to what would need to happen for this to exist would be appreciated.



To be honest I never got around to playing with this but VPixx themselves created a Python library (I believe, maybe just for win32?) and other users have certainly used VPixx combined with PsychoPy (@rebeccajsharman?).

It would be great to see support built better into PsychoPy but it just isn’t where the majority of support requests come from


I have used VPixx with PsychoPy, I didn’t do anything fancy with the functionality, but I had a responsePixx working quite happily. The VPixx library for Python is very similar to the Matlab version. When I used it it wasn’t amazingly user friendly as there was a definite lack of documentation. I think they did quite a big update a couple of years ago though, so it may well be better now.

Ok, thanks Jon and Rebecca!

@rebeccajsharman A collaborator is asking me to put together a barebones experiment using VPixx - would you be willing to dig out and share the experiment (or relevant snippets from) that had responsePixx working? Thanks in advance!

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Hi Erik,

It’s been quite a few years since I wrote this, so I make no promises about it’s compatibility with the current versions of anything and I don’t currently have access to a VPixx set up so I can’t test anything. However, assuming it all works as it used to this should contain the basics, or at least enough to get you started (probably). I hope it helps!


Becky (116 KB) (4.9 KB)

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