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Visual stimuli presentation on a 240 Hz monitor


I wanted to ask whether it is possible to run visual stimuli with about 200-240 fps with PsychoPy given that I have proper graphics card and monitor.


It will be possible but the only way to be sure is to test carefully with your particular hardware and software combinations, and the demands of your particular experimental procedure.

At the fastest rate, you have about 4 ms to draw each frame. A modern, powerful enough computer and graphics card should be able to do that, given that much less capable computers were comfortably running experiments at 60 Hz (and faster) under PsychoPy 10 years ago.

But some tasks (like opening image files from a disk) are i/o-bound more than CPU/GPU-bound. They can cause timing issues even at 60 Hz. So again, test thoroughly and be prepared to carry out certain tasks in non time-critical downtimes (e.g. between trials or during fixation periods), if they can’t be completed within a single frame refresh.