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Visual and mouse control

Hi all, I am trying to create a visual plus cursor control stimuli. I just wanted to know whether it is possible to move the cursor to the visual stimuli (can be any shapes like squares, rectangles, circles etc. at four positions -top, bottom, right and left) in Psychopy?

Has anyone tried to do something similar? If so, could you please suggest some ideas to create this?

Thanks in Advance!

Check out the demo, from the Demos -> Input menu in the Coder view. This shows how to control the position of stimuli using the mouse (I think that is what you are asking for).

Thanks Michael. I have already checked that.
But I just wanted to know if I can move the cursor (dot) to the circle as in experiment by some method (Like assign keyboard values - if I tap one key, say space bar move to specific distance, tap delete, move back etc.)
With, I could see the circle moving if i scroll on my touchpad. I am trying to create a stimuli in Psychopy in the above mentioned idea and later integrate with brain signals to move the cursor(dot) to the stimuli (circle).


Yes. Based on what key is pressed, you can just update the stimulus position:

Thanks for the help. I will work on it.