Vertical Alignment: Blocks of text starting at different Ys automatically


What are you trying to achieve?:
I am trying to display blocks of 100 to 150 words and people press the space bar to go to the next block. I have 13 blocks

What specifically went wrong when you tried that?:
There is no error. I got it to left align correctly, so all text starts from the same horizontal point, but VERTICALLY it jumps around. Some of the shorter text start closer to the middle and the longer tests start from closer to the top. If posisble, I want them all to start in the same place near the top left of the screen.

Also, I am not controlling when the text wraps, but it wraps seemingly whever it wants and I dont know how to fix this.

Thanks in advance for your help everyone!

You should be able to set the vertical alignment to be based on the top of the text like this in PsychoPy

Begin routine

YourTextStim.anchorVert = "top"

If this is for an online study, I don’t think this can be easily done. At least, the documentation of psychoJS.TextStim says:

* @todo vertical alignment, and orientation are currently NOT implemented

The wrap width can be set in the settings of your text component.

Thanks for your reply, ajus.

Yeah, it is for an online one. I wanted participants to not have to jump around each time block starts and I dont want to have to manually adjust the starting point for each.

It seems like the starting coordinates of 0,0 are the center of the textbox. Is there a way to make that starting coordinate be the top left?

Also, I cannot find the default automatic wraping number, so I am having trouble adjusting it to match each other.

As I said, I don’t think there is at the moment as vertical alignment / anchoring is not yet implemented in the PsychoJS text stimulus.

I don’t quite understand what you mean by “match each other”. The wrap width can be defined in terms of e.g. norm units, where e.g. 2 would be the whole screen from left to right. Do you mean you would want the wrap width to be variable so the text stays in the same Y coordinate irrespective of its length? That sounds like a lot of trial and error to me :smiley:

Yeah sorry, I wasn’t being very clear. What I mean was, if I can get the first letter of the first word in the block of text to align in the same set location… then it will be the same in each repeat. I called this matched but that was confusing.

I think I might just do what I can to make sure they start in the same spot with the X axis and itll be OK. It isn’t a reaction time study, so it should be OK I guess. I will keep trying!