Variables in selected rows

Description of the problem:


I would like to use variables in the selected rows to use them as blocks. I know there is the alternative of having lists in a bigger loop, but I would have too many of them.

I’ve defined in a code component the initial value and how to increment them in another routine. The issue comes from the syntax in the “selected row” part of the loop.

I’ve tried to put the variables like this in selected row part :


But I get stuck on initializing the experiment.

I’ve also tried


But it doesn’t work either.

If anyone has any knowledge of the correct syntax, it would be a great help !


Hi Patrick,

As yet, it’s a bit tricky to accomplish, but there is a workaround. See this demo: Thomas Pronk / demo_dynamic_loops · GitLab

Best, Thomas

Hi Thomas,

Thank you so much for your answer. I’ll give it a try.

Best, Patrick

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