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Variable from .xlsx in index.html


This is my first topic, I am working on an experiment to host on a server. I started with PsychoPy Builder for the main body of the experiment and then added extra functionality through the Coder.

Then I found out that I could not export the python code as “html” with the extra functionality I added in the Coder of PsychoPy, so I made a smaller and similar experiment to export as “html” and now I’ve reached a point where I wanna call a variable from a .xlsx file, in the index.html generated, which is the conditions file, also in the server with the html folder.

The experiment is running the initial 3 instructions on the server until it reaches the first loop which has a QuestionRoutine and a FeedbackRoutine. The error I am getting is the “trialQuestion is not defined” in function trialQuestionLoopEnd and I tried making a global var trialQuestion then the error becomes the variable “Questions is not defined” in function QuestionRoutineEachFrame. My javascript is not that great and I would appreciate some feedback on this issue so I can continue with designing the rest of the experiment. I hope the pictures I am attaching can help understand the problem more.