Util is not defined


I am trying to upload an experiment online, but I get the error
“Util is not defined” and after a while a second error appears saying : " SyntaxError: import declarations may only appear at top level of a module"

Any idea how to debug this?
Here is the URL of the experiment, it starts but then stops and pops out these errors.
Here is also a screenshot of the developer page:

any idea or suggestion would be appreciated
Here is also how how the util is imported

import { core, data, sound, util, visual, hardware } from ‘./lib/psychojs-2022.2.5.js’;
const { PsychoJS } = core;
const { TrialHandler, MultiStairHandler } = data;
const { Scheduler } = util;
//some handy aliases as in the psychopy scripts;
const { abs, sin, cos, PI: pi, sqrt } = Math;
const { round } = util;

I tried changing this part " ./lib/psychojs-2022.2.5.js’;" but putting an earlier version but did not help.
Thank you