util.Clock() in psycojs causes initializing experiment to hang

URL of experiment: pvt [PsychoPy]

Description of the problem:

I am trying to run basic timing in my app.
I am running very simple code to debug a problem I am having.
Everything works in python, but when I try to view live on pavlovia, I am stuck at “initializing…”

I have manually changed myClick = core.Clock() to myClock = newutil.Clock();

The code is very simple to debug the issue. It is basically a text box which should displayed the current value of the clock.

Thank you for any help!

Resolving my own issue here.
I am not a JS guy and followed the available information a bit explicitly…did not know I had to declare a variable (var = myClock). I thought newClock = util.Clock(); was the declaration.

I also did not know how to debug the code. I learned about the interpreter (ctr+shift+i). Talk about debugging in the dark.

Hope this is helpful to someone as lost as me :slight_smile: