Using the mouse position from the previous trial to set polygon position

Is there a way to access the mouse position (the mouse list that is saved from the builder component) from the previous trial?

I am wanting to give participants feedback about their response at the start of the next trial. As a result, I want my polygon shape to have a position that is fixed to the mouse position at the end of the previous routine.

Currently I am using a space bar response for participants to end the routine once they have placed their mouse in the location of their guess.
Then I have code that makes the feedback shape stay in line with the mouse position immediately after the first routine has finished:
Each frame

feedback_shape.pos = mouse.getPos()

The main downside of this is that participants could accidentally move the mouse (and the feedback shape) at any point so their feedback might be inconsistent (compared to other trials and between participants). So far I have instructed them to keep the mouse still after responding (but I want to look for a way around it if possible especially because I am looking to test it with children in the near future).

What you should do it put feedback_shape.pos = mouse.getPos() in End Routine of the previous routine where they move their mouse.

That has worked now, thank you.