Using previous participant response to inform participants of their response

Hi there,

In my experiment, participants are presented with 3 shapes per trial, and after each trial, participants are required to press either a “YES” or “NO” button, with the ‘YES’ button being in trials in which one of the target stimuli appears, and in all other cases, participants are instructed to press ‘NO’. I have used the Button Component response for these two responses.

After each trial, I need to present participants with an accuracy judgement screen, which is indicated in the screenshot with the “acc” routine. For the accuracy judgement, there are also two buttons, one button is labelled “Correct” and the other button is labelled “Error” (which I have again used the button response component). Participants are required to judge their accuracy in the primary (previous) response, i.e., whether they believe they responded correctly or made an error. For this routine, on the screen, along with the two Correct and Error buttons, I want to inform participants of the primary choice they made, i.e., whether they pressed YES or NO, so I want to present text informing participants of this on every trial.

I assume that I will need to use some code to implement this depending on participant response - how would I do this?

Thanks very much in advance, I’m fairly new to PsychoPy and Python too! Please let me know if you need any other information! :slight_smile: