Urgent- thisexp not defined

Yes. I downloaded your last update and re-created a project. I now added you as a developer. Is there a way to sycn my local file from pavlovia?

No, I did not do that either.

To sync your own (or someone else’s) project to a new local folder, you need to search for the project from Builder and select the local folder. Sync and then reopen the psyexp file.

ok thanks, what about the black images? how am i going to fix them. can it be due to including polygons around each image?

Is the problem that you have a polygon in front of an image? You could try moving the polygon components up so they are drawn first.

polygon does not have fill color. It only frames the image in the background color. I did it to remove lines appearing around the images

Transparent polygons don’t work online.

You can put polygonName.setFillColor(undefined) in Begin Routine (for each of the polygons)

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