Update slider labels in every trial

Hello guys,

I am using the latest version of Psychopy on Windows 10. I just want to know if it is possible to update labels at every repeat (every trial) of a task. There is the $ sign on the labels field of the slider, but no selection box to change it from “constant” to “set every repeat” as can be done for size or position. I tried to use a sheet column to update the labels, but the column name won’t be recognized by the label field.

If anyone would give me alternative solutions, I am implementing a Ishihara test with Psychopy and I would like to update five possible responses (numbers of the plates) on each trial. No problems setting up the components, including a slider for responses and the plate image, but I could not update the labels on every trial.

Of course I could create five text components and update each one, but couldn’t it be done directly with the labels?

Thanks for the help!

This thread might help.

Hello, thanks for your answer. I solved it “manually”, defining a text component for each position and leaving the text as variables on the stimuli file (xlsx). But I’ll look into this solution also!

Hi There,

Yes sorry this is a known issue and the dev team are working on a fix for the next release. For now your manual solution is indeed what I would suggest.


Ah, thanks a lot for the update, Becca!

My protocol, in the end, turn out great! It is a loop for the AUDIT scale, that has specific answers for almost each one of the ten questions in the scale. I used your tip for the pop up button! Thanks for the youtube videos and keep them coming!