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"Unhandled internal error"

Version: PsychoPy 2021.2.3
OS: Windows

Hello! There is a student in the lab running a study using her local Windows device and screensharing with participants. The study was working fine for her for the last few weeks, but all of a sudden has started to freeze frequently, though not always (about 30-50% of the time). When it does not freeze, it throws an “unhandled internal error” (rest of the Traceback screenshot) and sometimes (though not always) the data is not saved. This problem appears to be recent but there hasn’t been a clear change in her operating system or PsychoPy version when this problem started occurring. Any advice would be appreciated.

Hi There,

Thanks for reporting this - I have indeed seen this myself and struggled to replicate (usually because closing the experiment and reopening it alleviates the problem - but that is not an ideal long term solution of course!). I’ll flag this post to keep an eye on - sorry we don’t have an immediate solution but if you notice a pattern please do share here.