Unable to convert undefined to a number occurring part way through experiment

URL of experiment: Lucy Mckeown / Spatial_localisation · GitLab

Description of the problem:

I received the error unable to convert undefined into a number:

It occurred after updating the conditions files (replacing the ones previously locally in Psychopy) but I can’t see any spaces, blanks or any other issues with the conditions files. These new files also seems to work for my first two conditions but then stops working for the third one.

When I look in developer tools this is what I see:

But then when I click to see what is on that line/what might be undefined I see this:

So I’m not sure what values I need to define in order to fix this.

It turned out that whilst there were no blank spaces in my local conditions file, the correction for this had not been committed into the resources folder. Once the changes were committed properly, I got rid of this error