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Typing Chinese during Experiment

Hi all,
I am new to this community and am sorry for “stupid questions”.
I want to run an experiment on Chinese typing in psychopy on a linux system (debian 9.3, x86-64, cinamon version 3.2.7).

While Chinese characters are displayed during the experiment,
psychopy seems to have problems with the Chinese typing input system. For example, when typing Chinese in the terminal, Linux automatically converts that into Chinese characters. In psychopy only the Roman letters are displayed.

Maybe you have heard of such a problem or know which library to install to fix it.

I know that this is little information. What further information should I provide.

I would be very thankful for your help, as time is running and we need to run the experiment in February.

Thanks a lot

I am having the exact same issue with an experiment in which people from different countries need to type a response using the keyboard.

Normally, as Chinese characters are composed by two or more western letters, when the Chinese keyboard is activated and something is typed using the keyboard, computers do not straightforwardly display the input in the intended space, but rather they give a list of suggestions of the intended character(s) and people choose from that list the right character using the “space” bar.

When using psychopy to get the input of the keyboard, this intermediate layer (or process), which needed to desamibuate the input from the target character(s), is overridden and no longer work. The Psychopy keyboard component solely gets and use the bare keyboard input.

Any ideas about how to solve this problem?

In a related thread that I started a few days ago, the problem was solved by means of using Dialogue Boxes. Vist the links below:

For Python:

For JavaScript (online experiments):

Hello @Fabian_Tomaschek and @miguel_santin, has someone found a solution to writing Chinese script?
I have tried constructing a simple script based on the code provided on the link posted by @miguel_santin, but have failed to get anything running. Seeing as this is a repetitive issue with Psychopy and there are many users that would like to be done with this problem, the community would be greatly served by having a concrete example, i.e., a script, that works.

@karlneergaard checked the script in my experiments and it is working well :slight_smile: Maybe there is some error in your code.