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Two images overlap but only one should continue the experiment

What did you try to make it work?:
I have a 3 x 3 grid and 9 squares to register the answer. The 9 squares are valid clicks in “clickable stimuli” but the grid is not.

What specifically went wrong when you tried that?:
The experiment continues if the grid is clicked even when I didn’t define it as a clickable object and I think that maybe it was because it overlaps with squares.

Thanks for your help!

If the grid overlaps with regions defined as clickable, then the click will be registered, not because the grid is clicked on, but because one of the target squares was clicked on. That sounds like expected behaviour.

Otherwise, we need to see more details, in particular shows us a screenshot of your stimuli and of your mouse component dialog box.

These are the clickable objects and the mouse component. The image object “imagen_grilla2” it´s not a clickable object but overlaps with the red squares and I think this is maybe the problem.
The same problem appears even when the red squares are not shown in different trials. Any ideas of how can I fixed it?
I used this:
if mouse1.isPressedIn(‘imagen_grilla2’):
continueRoutine = False

But it doesn´t work…

The data file will record the name of the valid object that was clicked. Does it ever show a value that doesn’t match what was clicked? i.e. perhaps you can describe the issue by referring to what happened and how it isn’t consistent with what is recorded in the data.

That isn’t valid code, as you have put quotes around the object name. But I’m confused as to why you would want code like that. Aren’t you wanting to avoid having clicks on that stimulus having any effect?

Thanks for the reply Michael. My problem is that I don´t want that the routine when “imagen_grilla2” is clicked. I need to record only clicks on my stimuli (i.e. the letter in “bdk” example or the red squares in “k” example). I don´t need to record anything about “imagen_ grilla2” and mainly I need to avoid to continue the routine. Can I do this with a code maybe? but I don`t know anything about it, so I really appreciate your suggestions here

Does anyone else can help me with this? I`m really stuck here. I would really appreciate help!

Hi, I think the problem here is that we still don’t really understand your issue. So firstly, as above, could you clarify:

Secondly, please clarify how you know that clicking on the grid is doing anything.

Thirdly, If you don’t want clicks on the grid to do anything, why do have custom code that will enable exactly that? i.e. your custom code would end the routine with a click on the grid, which seems to be exactly what you are trying to avoid.

Thanks for your answer @Michael. I think I haven´t been very clear about the experiment. The following structure is an example of a complete trial:

  1. Stimuli: I present on a 3x3 grid three different letters (i.e. b on square 5, d in square 4 and k in square 1), 1 second each one.
  2. Recall:
    First recall: I show you the same grid asking you which letter was in square 5 with
    symbol “?”. correct answer is clicking on the letters presented below the grid (as in
    the image above). Correct and valid answer is clicking on letter b.
    Second recall: I show you the same grid asking you where was the letter K
    previously presented. Correct and valid answer is clicking on square one (as in the
    second image above).
    Third recall: could be as the first or second but with letter d.

The only valid clicks in First Recall should be the letters. In Second Recall should be the red squares. However, for example in the first recall, click on the image of the grid continues to the Second Recall and this shouldn`t be allowed because the right answer is click on the letters. The same is happening in Second Recall, where clicks on the grid (but outside the red squares) continues to the Third Recall.
So, I know that clicks on the grid are doing anything because it allows to continue to the next recall.

You can ignore the example of the code that I showed here because I really don´t know Python and I thought that I was telling the program the opposite, something like: " if the person clicked in not allowed stimuli, don´t let her continue the routine".

OK thanks, that makes your goals clearer. Are you happy to share the Builder .psyexp and associated files (i.e. .csv or .xlsx conditions file) here? That should help narrow things down - I suspect the issue will be straightforward to address.

Of course! Here are the documents. Also, you are going to see also a problem with the timing in feedback message if you can also help me with that :slight_smile:

conditpractica1.xlsx (9.3 KB) conditpractica2.xlsx (8.6 KB) condspractica.xlsx (8.5 KB) construyendo con buildervp.psyexp (68.6 KB) recall1.xlsx (9.8 KB) recall2.xlsx (9.5 KB)

Hi, will also need the images, like raster3mal3.gif and imagen.jpeg, to get the task to run.

Here are the images. Sorry I miss those.