Turning TextStim autoDraw back to False

I have an experiment where key responses are dependent on the block the participant is in (either space key, or ‘d’,‘f’,‘j’,‘k’ keys). It was set up so the key response was built into the conditions file for the particular block but JS can’t read that and it’s not built into PsychoPy yet. As a work around I’ve made it so both sets of key responses are allowed in a keyboard component, but if the participant starts to use the wrong keys for the block they are in, a warning message pops up.

If they start to use the wrong keys, a large TextStim appears. My issue is that I can’t figure out how to get it back off the screen before the next trial. I am first trying this in the practice trials and my keyboard response component below is the ‘pracResp’. I have tried to switch the autoDraw back to false at the End Routine tab of my code component in several ways but nothing so far has worked and the caution message stays on the screen.

Begin Routine Tab:

def cautionEasyResp():
    return visual.TextStim(
        text='USE SPACE BAR',

Each Frame Tab:

keys = event.getKeys()

if pracResp.keys == 'd' or pracResp.keys == 'f' or pracResp.keys == 'j' or pracResp.keys == 'k' and Block == 1:
    cautionEasyResp().autoDraw = True

How do I set up the autoDraw code in the End Routine tab so the TextStim goes back off the screen before the next trial begins?