Trouble setting up conditions/ randomizing stimuli

Hello. I am writing an experiment where I display three stimuli at the same time. I present the correct stimulus that the subject should choose, an incorrect stimulus that looks like the correct stimulus, and an incorrect stimulus that does not look like the correct stimulus.
I am storing the values in a dictionary below. I would like to pull from this dictionary four times throughout the task. Specifically, I want to show the correct stim all four times, each of the two incorrect_close_stim both two times and each incorrect_far_stim one time. Any help on how to do this or set it up so that my for loop can run through this properly and randomly would be greatly appreciated!

vertical_stripes_stimulus_dict = {‘correct_stim’: [vertical_stripes_stimulus],
‘incorrect_close_stim’: [vertical_stripes_less_lines_stimulus, many_checkers_stimulus],
‘incorrect_far_stim’: [pentagon_up_right_fill_stimulus, horizontal_stripes_stimulus,
pentagon_up_fill_stimulus, horizontal_stripes_extra_lines_stimulus]}

The easiest way would be to have appropriate numbers of duplicate entries in your dictionary, such that you only cycle through it once.