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Trigger a stimulus with the mouse

Hi everyone!

First I have to say two things : I have no knowledges about the coding process, and I am french (what makes things not easy).

What I want to do on PsychoPy, is for me something simple, so I hope someone could help me. I just want to show a stimulus (here a polygon object) after the participant press/click the mouse.
So I try to write in start properties "$mouse1.status==PRESSED"
By selecting condition instead of duration.

I have tried this because I see this on differents Websites. But for me it doesn’t work.

Is there someone here who have used a mouse to provoque the appearence of a stimuli?
As I explained before I would prefere something in the builder view.

Thank you for your help.

Hello Mathilde,

You might be able to achieve this without any code at all, by splitting your trial across several consecutive routines.

e.g. on the first routine, have a mouse component that is set to end the routine when a button is clicked. On the second routine, have a polygon component set to display from the beginning of the routine. No code required (although maybe you have other requirements that make this simple arrangement not very suitable).

Hi michael

Thank you very much for this idea. I try your idea this morning and that is exactly what I want to obtain. So this is a very good way to workaround what doesnt work !

Thanks for your help!