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Trial selection not working in importConditions function

After attempting to select a subset of trials to use in an online experiment, I encountered an error within the importConditions function in data-3.0.0b11.js. The error occurs when the script reaches the line that reads:

selectedRows = selectFromArray(sheet, selection);

An error occurs here because there is no such function in the included Javascript libraries. I tested a simple fix for when the selection is given as an array:

if (selection != null) {
	if (Array.isArray(selection)) {
		let z = []
		for (let i = 0; i < selection.length; i++) {
		selectedRows = z;
	} else if (typeof selection === 'string' || selection instanceof String) {
	//selectFromArray function does not exist, so this code results in an error:
	selectedRows = selectFromArray(sheet, selection);	
	} else {
		throw 'selection argument for importConditions is not an Array or a String.'

Needless to say, if “selection” is given as a string, an error will still be encountered. I was going to try to implement the necessary string parsing, but I think my adviser would rather I do research.

Is there an implementation of this feature in the works, or should I submit a pull request for this minimal trial selection functionality while we wait for the real deal?

Thank you @kevinhroberts, cool fix. This has been raised with Ilixa, who will be issuing a fix for the next build.

Awesome, thanks! Looking forward to the next build.