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Touchscreen sensitivity adjustment

OS (e.g. Win10):

I am trying to adjust the sensitivity of the touchscreen so users can perform a single “tap/touch” to mimic a “click”.

I have already attempted at changing the response settings: “Save mouse state”, “Time relative to”, “Clickable stimuli”, and “End Routine on Press”. None of these changes had any positive affect and I am truly at a loss. I also tried changing the screen units to values other than “pix”. All of these changes resulted in an immediate end to the program, an unresponsiveness to the program, or no change at all.

There are no error messages as no error has occurred and I am simply trying to make this change so that the program can be simple and intuitive. I am at a true loss as to what to try next.

I have a touchscreen method based on using contains instead of clicks and checking that the coordinates of the mouse have changed.