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Tips for reporting PsychoPy-generated stimuli in a paper

Dear all,

I have recently asked about the equation underlying Gabor-patches in PsychoPy:

Unfortunately I have received no responses and maybe I should rephrase my problem and my question.

I am currently writing a paper about an experiment with Gabor patches. I would like to describe the stimuli such that even researchers who don’t use PsychoPy are able to reproduce the stimuli in other contexts such as Psychtoolbox.

  1. I thought the best way to do this is to offer an equation. I’m happy to try to figure it out on my own but need some help. Can you please give me advise on how I can “translate” the combination of texture and mask according to the “GratingStim” description into an equation:

Formally GratingStim is just a texture behind an optional transparency mask (an ‘alpha mask’). Both the texture and mask can be arbitrary bitmaps and their combination allows an enormous variety of stimuli to be drawn in realtime.

  1. If there are better ways to describe the PsychoPy stimuli, I may adopt another strategy. Can you please point me to papers for good examples of how other researchers have described their stimuli?